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Home of Technologies End-User Solutions

Home of Technologies has carried out projects for a wide variety of end users looking to incorporate the highest quality home automation products and building control systems into their buildings.

We have been instructed on both residential and commercial projects both directly and indirectly through integrators and other industry customers. Our end user customer base includes homeowners, businesses, corporate property managers and owners, housing associations, assisted living providers, schools and local authorities.

Please see our Case Studies for an in-depth view of our design capabilities and solution offerings.

A Tailored Solution for Each Project

At Home of Technologies you will obtain a solution tailored to your specific project.

We have proven record of creating tenders using Plc solutions for KNX applications where we have reduced the costs of projects from 35-55%.

A simple example for one of our integrator customers:

  1. We can simply mount a Wago based kit equal to 12 or 16 dimming channels combined with 6, 12 or 24 heating zones controlling 1-10V valves.
  2. We can then program it for you to the number of group objects that you want and then we send you a kit with an XML file.
  3. All you need to do is add the Wago controller to your project and within the parameters add an XML file, then all your group objects are there for you to link to.

With that type of solution ready to hand, you can just imagine how any project that you tender and win will leave a huge budget for the customer to spend on luxurious keypads from CJC, TENSE or Eelectron.

At Home of Technologies we fight for your business and your success – we are here to support you and not just ship the boxes!

Research and Development

Home of Technologies builds on technology ‘know-how’ and uses its in-house expertise to help all the stakeholders we deal with, including our manufacturer suppliers.

We carry out research in order to help current suppliers improve or adjust their products and to help installers with specific product alterations for their projects.

If a customer is looking to use a specific brand but requires additional features beyond the original specification, then we can help to develop such features and incorporate them to supplied product.

To find out more about how Home of Technologies can help you with creating bespoke project solutions or with research and development of home automation and building control products, please call +44 208 144 8864 or email office@homeoftechnologies.com