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Product Services

At Home of Technologies we offer our customers a huge variety of KNX compatible products through a diverse range of brands. We are the sole suppliers of Tense, CJC Systems, Divus, Eelectron, TEM and our other product brands include Arcus-eds, Tokka, Ingenium, Wago and WHD.

A full selection of our branded products is available at www.knxshoponline.co.uk

Our product services are designed to ensure that all of our customers can make an informed choice about the particular products they choose for their project and achieve the best solution. Making the right choice of components for a home automation or building control system is essential to achieve a successful outcome.

The technical nature of these products and the complexity of cross-brand solutions mean that even experienced professionals such as integrators and engineers can benefit from the technical product support and the specific product training that we offer.

Technical Product Support

Home of Technologies provides technical product support for our core brand products which include Tense, CJC Systems, Divus, Eelectron, TEM. We can help customers with both standard and non-standard usage of these components.

Typically customers requiring this type of technical product support include integrators, engineers, consultants, developers and others who can benefit from the following:

  • Integrators – components sales, knowledge, technical support
  • Developers – expertise, consultancy, complex solutions, help in appointing integrators
  • Architects – help to understand products and demonstrate functionality/usage scenarios
  • Electrical Contractors – support tender process, consultancy and training

Manufacturers and End Users can also benefit from our technical product knowledge as follows:

  • Manufacturers – help to control quality, feedback from market, R&D support, taking care of front line technical support and product training
  • End Users –we can inform them about product solutions and usage of products

At Home of Technologies we have created a range of mixed product solutions in order to fit to any budget and purpose. Through our expertise we can show integrators and end users how to gain the maximum benefit from installed equipment and how to mix brands in order to achieve functionality flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Where professional customers have purchased any of our core brand products for a project solution we can also provide solution testing to offer peace of mind before installation.

Product Training

Home of Technologies offers detailed product training for all core brand products.

The wide variety of KNX products available means that it can be difficult for even the most conscientious mechanical and electrical professionals to learn or maintain a detailed knowledge of every component. This is compounded by the flexibility of the KNX protocol which can accommodate non-standard usage of many of the components.

Therefore, in addition to the standard training we can introduce professionals to non-standard usage of components. This can be of particular benefit where integrators and end users would like to mix brands in order to achieve greater functionality and flexibility while limiting costs.

To help customers achieve a greater level of product knowledge, we offer specific product training for our entire core branded product range to all types of industry professionals including integrators, engineers, consultants, developers and others.

To see how Home of Technologies can help you with technical product support or with specific product training, please call +44 208 144 8864 or email office@homeoftechnologies.com