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Case Study – KNX Solution for a Mansion

When implementing a KNX solution for a mansion, a huge variety of options available under home automation can became factors in the proposed installation process.

Centralised HVAC, lighting, security, audio/visuals, shading, intercoms and even domestic robots can all be run under one program if required. All of these options are typically considered viable components for automation solutions when working with owners of large properties.

Home of Technologies has the expertise to tie in virtually any end user requirement so we created this case study to showcase for integrators and end users what can be done and how to do it.

Start With Mapping Out the KNX Solution for the Mansion

To better help our integrators with an understanding of setting up KNX installations for a mansion, we published the following sample integration specification. The specification including the components, cable schedules and diagrams was overlaid onto the project drawings for a 3000sqft first floor of a London mansion.

Stay Aware of Circuits, Control Type and Zoning for the KNX Integration

To anticipate ranging temperatures throughout the house, we set apart 11 different heating zones, all inclusive of individual temperature probes to allow for independent zone control.

There were 20 blinds and 32 window/door contacts across the single floor; this was to increase energy efficiency and to add extra protection for security purposes.

Below we have provided a tabled listing the number of circuits and the type of control for each zone; this give integrators an easy roadmap for installing the right control types within the right zones and using the correct number of circuits.

Keep Track of KNX Components Used and Associated Costs

Below we have also provided an example product list for this mansion project. It is important to know exactly what parts need to be accounted for and the associated cost for the products as well; in this instance, the first floor of this home totalled just over £15,000 for the parts.

Enjoy the Positive Feedback

The feedback Home of Technologies has received for help with these types of projects has been very positive. Part of this is due to the training provided by Home of Technologies to many integrators of KNX solutions before they started working actively in the field.

For those needing help with a complex KNX integration solution, Home of Technologies has been supplying products, training integrators and working on home integration projects for many years. We bring a vast amount of experience to the home automation process so please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you are in need of assistance, call +44 208 144 8864 or email info@knxshoponline.co.uk