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Case Study – KNX Solution for an Integrator in Northern England


Problem for the Integrator: Setting up a KNX home automation solution for a 4 flat apartment block.

Empathising with the End-User

First it is important to take a step back and look at the needs for the end-user.

As with the rest of the UK, Northern England is subject to a barrage of natural weather elements which have a tendency to be unpredictable at times. Weary homeowners are fed up with being unable to manage their lives to suit the weather. Working to no end to manage heating systems, lights, curtains, electronics and more can be a thankless task when the elements take a sudden turn.

Inhabitants of flats often live within city areas for work so they lead busy lives and are not present for much of the day. The ability to centralise their entire home environment functions into one operating system controlled by a single device can be life changing.

All of these concerns must be taken into account to ensure the system being integrated prioritises the benefits to the end-user. In this particular case the priorities were heating and lighting control.

Designing the Specification

As many experienced integrators know, setting up customised, specialised KNX solutions can produce tricky problems with large projects if the planning stage is not considered thoroughly. In the case of dealing with a multi-flat apartment, complexities that are not dealt with efficiently can compound themselves and make the integration stage more difficult than it should be.

In Northern England one of our customers was faced with the task of installing a KNX home automation solution for heating and lighting in a four flat complex, a project which required more than 130 circuits. The integrator customer felt that our technical resources would be of great benefit to them in selecting the appropriate components, assisting with the specification and consulting on the integration of the solution.

Home of Technologies’ experience and technical knowledge was particularly important for centralising the communication networks in each respective flat.

Create the Framework for a KNX Solution

As shown below, Home of Technologies mapped out the network and integration framework for each floor in the apartment building in a detailed specification with components, cable schedules and diagrams incorporated into the project drawings.

Organise the Products and Cost for the Job

Home of Technologies provided a full list of the products needed to complete the project. We worked hand in hand with the integrator customer to ensure the end user would get the best quality products for the job and at an affordable cost.


All the required home automation elements were centralised into a platform that can be accessed by each individual flat owner. Seamless integration produced a great result for the integrator and the end users.

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