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Case Study – Installation of a BUSing Communications System

END USER Case Study

Problem for the Integrator : Installation of a BUSing Communications System

Customer Need and Integrator Problem

The life of a professional living in Central London means that it is a rare day that one escapes the constant flow of incessant demands during working hours. To enjoy the limited time remaining in the evening it would be nice to have a butler keep watch over one’s home and prepare it for your return.

Sadly the butler option is out of the question for most contemporary professionals. However, even if one may not get an opportunity to employ household staff, thanks to technology we can at least take a step towards gaining the convenience through home automation.

This specific case, in which Home of Technologies helped supply and consult an integrator with installing a home automation system, was for a wealthy individual living in a luxurious one-bedroom apartment in Central London. The end user was looking for a way to keep their flat safe while they were away, to have the ability to turn on lighting automatically and to adjust climate control all in a seamless, easy to use and centralised manner.

One of our friendly integrator customers chose a great high-tech and well organised solution for this project: the BUSing Automation System.

How Home of Technologies Helped

To aid the integrator with this specific project, we first lined out the road map for circuit installation throughout the entire flat with a detailed specification showing the components, cable schedules and diagrams incorporated into the project drawings. As seen below, the specification included instruction for switches, LED strips and even underfloor heating.

Next we provided the list of products needed to operate, install and complete the project. Included in this list were all the items required to aid with lighting, climate control and intruder/fire alarm protection:

  • 24V Lithoss Switches- these allow one to control all lighting through a single stroke of a button.
  • SR-BUS and SIFLUX- hidden movement sensors that control lighting based on when one enters and exits a room.
  • Ingenium Panels- these are affordable panels renowned for superior usability with controlling and monitoring an entire installation. This also includes a free app developed by Ingenium, to help with remote controlling and monitoring as well.
  • KCtr Technical Alarms Management Center- this allows for the ability to manage the alarms and BUSing installation through spoken menus via telephone.

The solution Home of Technologies provided for the integrator to seamlessly install this BUSing system was central to the success of this home automation project. Integrators or end users looking for a similar solution, whether simpler or more sophisticated in scope should call +44 208 144 8864 or email info@knxshoponline.co.uk